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GPS Tracked Leaflet Delivery Services

leaflet distribution services

We know that all our clients have different requirements, priorities and budgets when it comes to planning a leaflet distribution campaign but with our range of services, we will almost certainly have a delivery plan to suit everyone. Below is a list of our main leaflet delivery services but if you have special requirements, just give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your individual leaflet distribution campaign in more detail and provide you with a quote. Remember, regardless of the quantity of leaflets, service chosen or leaflet distribution area, all our deliveries are GPS tracked as standard for your peace of mind.

Don’t forget that in addition to the distribution services we offer below, we can also help you maximise your response rate with our leaflet design service and get you a competitive quote for leaflet printing too!

Solus Distribution

Your item will be delivered on its own through letterboxes over a 2-3 week distribution period. Bespoke mapping and demographic targeting is available with this service, ensuring you can hit your target demographic market in a timely fashion with the exclusivity that the Solus service offers.

Plus 1

Your item will be delivered with 1 other item from a non-competing business. Your distribution will be scheduled over a 2-3 week distribution period. Bespoke mapping and demographic targeting are also available with this service so if your budget won’t stretch to the Solus rate but you want all the same benefits, then as long as you don’t mind sharing the letterbox with another business, then this is the service for you.

Shareplan Options

In addition to the more exclusive Solus and Plus 1 services, we also offer a shareplan options for those clients focused more on getting out high numbers of leaflets over complete areas or for clients on a budget.

Bespoke mapping and demographic targeting are also available with this service.

Timescales are expected to be longer for these services as the onus is on Abracadabra to fill the additional capacity on these shareplan rounds.

Shareplan – Plus 2 – Your leaflet will be delivered with up to 2 additional items from non-competing businesses.

Please note that our Shareplan options are not available for the distribution of magazines, brochures or any other heavier or bulky items.

Additional Services

In addition to leaflet and magazine distribution, we can offer additional services including sample delivery, collating services and envelope stuffing. Call us now to find out more and we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements in detail.

Please be aware that not all services are available in all areas and price can vary according to the area, quantity and service you require.


We offer a collection service within our core distribution zone. Please ask your sales executive about collection charges and availability for your area.

How Do We Distribute Your Promotional Material?

The 5 Step Leaflet Distribution Process…

Check out our 5 Step Leaflet Distribution process designed to get your campaign underway as quickly and efficiently as possible.

1  You may be at the point where you have designed and printed your flyer.  You’ve considered exactly who your target market is & where you want to drop your flyers and are ready to schedule in your drop.  However, if you are still in the early stages we will be delighted to help you design a focused and targeted marketing campaign. We would also be happy to help you consider the important factors in the design of your leaflet that ensure a direct and immediate response. Thus MAXIMISING your potential revenue stream! We can also print the leaflets for you and offer some of the most competitive leaflet printing prices in the UK.

2  To schedule your leaflet distribution we need the following information:

(i) We need to know the total number of leaflets you wish to distribute  (ii) We need to know exactly which areas you would like your leaflets to go out in.  This could be as straightforward as giving us the postcode areas or photocopying a street map with the areas highlighted. (iii) We need to know when the round has to start and how quickly you require it to go out. (iv) We need to know whether you want your leaflet to go out on its own or you are happy for it to go out with other (non-competing) items. Why not take us up on our FREE one-to-one consultation where we can assist you with targeting your leaflets to areas that are most likely to respond.

3  Once you have scheduled your distribution we will invoice you for the cost of carrying out the work. Payment for distribution must be received 7 days prior to the commencement date.

4  You will need to drop the leaflets off to our Reading office 7 days prior to the commencement date of distribution.  If you are in an urgent hurry we may be able to offer several different upgrade services to accommodate a faster timescale; simply contact the office for more information.

5  A couple of days prior to the distribution commencement date we allocate your leaflets to a group of locally based distributors. All distributors are people who are contracted directly to us, above 18 years of age, and are paid above the minimum wage and carry GPS tracking equipment.

Your Own Special Requirements

We are very happy to tailor your distribution schedule to your own specific requirements.  For example, we do regular distribution of newsletters and community magazines where the nature of the work requires a unique approach to the leaflet distribution process and scheduling. We are keen to sit down with you where possible and discuss any special requirements that could enhance the service we are providing for you.